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About Divine Living of Madison

When deciding where you or a loved one will live when you need assisted living, you have many choices. When evaluating a community, many things are taken into account. Divine Living of Madison is unique in that it is privately owned. You are treated as an individual and not a number. We offer a low resident-to-caretaker ratio, which means our caregivers know each of our residents well and know exactly how each resident should be cared for. Our caregivers will develop a rapport with each resident, building a strong relationship and earning their trust. 
We develop your whole plan based on your needs and preferences. We provide a home-like environment with home-cooked meals, fun activities, daily housekeeping, and laundry services. We make sure each and every resident feels comfortable and secure. We will match you with the right caregiver for your personal needs, helping to make sure you’re cared for the right way. 

A Message from Our President

With a maximum occupancy of 16, you will always be treated as a member of the family. All suites are private; you will never have to share with a stranger. These suites include the furniture you need to feel like you’re living at home. We also have a staff call system, so you can get in touch with our caregivers at any time. We also offer couples suites for you and your loved one. 
With a smaller space, there is more time dedicated to each person. This directly affects a higher quality of living. With the personalized care you need, quality companionship, enjoyable activities, and modern residences, you can live an exciting, fulfilling life in our assisted living community. Call Divine Living of Madison today to find out more about the services we can provide and how we can help you live your best life in your golden years.

Charlotte Kister, Executive Director

  • Has worked in several continuum in healthcare
  • Bedside Nursing, Homecare Nurse, Case Management, Clinical Documentation, Homecare Branch Director, Executive Director of Assisted Living
  • Education: Associate Degree in Nursing from Kent State University, Bachelor of Nursing from Ohio University, and Master of Healthcare Administration from Ohio University
  • Passionate about Quality of Care, Patient Satisfaction, and Employee Satisfaction
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